Susan Rice Gets Ruffled Over Trump’s Criticism About Obama – Then Fails In A Big Way

Susan Rice Gets Ruffled Over Obama Criticism.

Trump came down on the Obama Administration for failing to properly handle the Russia-Crimea situation. He feels they should have done more. But Susan Rice claims they tried everything they could using diplomacy. Sounds like Obama hid behind diplomacy instead of acting.

Trump said the following about Crimea.

“Crimea was let go during the Obama Administration. You know Obama can say all he wants, but he allowed Russia to take Crimea. I may have had a much different attitude. So you really have to ask President Obama, you know, Why did he do that?”

Rice, offended as she was in a position to do something during this debacle, made the following response.

“It’s a disgraceful statement,” Rice said. “The fact of the matter is Russia had invaded Georgia. It then had invaded Ukraine. We rallied the entire European Union and many other partners to impose tough sanctions on Russia for its annexation. We supported the Ukrainian government to build up its defensive military capacity, and along with our G7 partners, we agreed that Russia should no longer be part of this community of the G8.”

“That’s outrageous,” she added. “The United States has long upheld international law. It was the most brazen violation of another country’s sovereignty that’s occurred in recent years. For the president of the United States to blame his predecessor rather than to understand that Russia is our adversary — Russia has taken on behavior that is absolutely reprehensible, including being responsible for shooting civilian aircraft out of the sky and killing hundreds of people. For the president of the United States to suggest that all is forgotten, that that doesn’t matter, that we are fine with one country annexing another country’s sovereign territory and that we should just welcome them back with welcome arms into a community of democracies is outrageous.”

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Rice is clearly just hurt that Trump would bring up this Obama Administration failure. Under strong leadership, things like that would likely have never happened. But it is hindsight.

I don’t know if Russia deserves an invite to the G7 summit but Ukraine should have signed on with Nato before 2014. If they had they would never have lost Crimea. They would have had allies that were obligated to help them. As opposed to countries sanctioning Russia, they would have had boots on the ground.

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