Swalwell Drops From The Race After Holding Strong At 0% In The Polls

Rep Eric Swalwell has made the smart move of dropping out of the presidential race. He joked that his own parents wouldn’t even vote for him as they are Republicans and according to the polls, he really could have used their help. Swallwell was trailing far behind most of the candidates and could not get above 0% in the polls. He announced his resignation from the race Monday afternoon.

“Today ends our presidential campaign but it is the beginning of an opportunity in Congress with a new perspective shaped by the lives that have touched mine and our campaign throughout these last three months to bring that promise of America to all Americans, to believe that it will be the next generation whose leadership will solve climate chaos, bring cures in our lifetime for health care, address the student loan debt crisis and make sure that we say enough is enough,” Swalwell said.

“We don’t have to live this way anymore and that we love our children more than we love our guns. I’m fired up to do that work that I’ve already been doing in the Congress, to go back to Washington on the House Judiciary Committee, the House Intelligence Committee and as the chair of the Steering and Policy Committee to work on these issues but to carry the stories of so many people I’ve met across America.”

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The East Bay Congressman, who sits on the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, also made gun control a focus of his campaign. But in more than a dozen national polls tracking the Democratic presidential field, Swalwell’s campaign failed to even register 1 percent among likely voters. And while Swalwell did demonstrate some fundraising prowess, pulling more than $1 million into his congressional committee in the first quarter of 2019, his presidential campaign has not yet posted any donation totals.

“Being honest with ourselves, we had to look at how much money we were raising, where we were in the polls,” Swalwell told supporters, arguing that he had “moved the needle on the debate stage with an issue I was very passionate about,” referring to gun control measures. “So we’ve achieved that,’’ he said. “But we have to be honest about our own candidacy’s viability.”

I am surprised he lasted this long, as he has not been making any real progress, and could not even get to 1% in the polls.

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