Taxpayer Money Used In Daycare Fraud Was Used To Fund Terrorism – How Was This Allowed?!

It’s amazing this story isn’t broadcasted everywhere. Then again if taxpayers knew they hard earned money was used to fund not just fraud but terror more attention would be paid to other Government funded programs.

New information allegedly proves that the millions of taxpayer’s money defrauded by a Minnesota daycare were, at least in part, used to fund terrorist organizations. This new discovery comes after years of combing over evidence in what was believed to be another fraud case. Turns out, the truth is far more complicated than that.

According to Fox-9, A government whistleblower said he warned upper management at the Department of Human Services about massive daycare fraud more than a year ago.

Emails obtained by the Fox 9 Investigators show the Minnesota government agency was told millions of stolen tax dollars were going overseas and likely a portion of the money was being skimmed by terrorism organizations.

Scott Stillman spent eight years managing the state’s digital forensics lab, meaning he mined data from computers and smartphones.

As Reported By Chris Serres With Star Tribune:

Over the past six years, DHS has intensified its investigations of fraud, based on reports that providers were exploiting parents and their children to divert money from the assistance program. The state was also responding to frustrations from county administrators, who complained that they lacked the staff and expertise to pursue complicated fraud cases.

In response, a specialized child-care fraud unit was created within the DHS Office of the Inspector General, which gained broad new powers including the ability to terminate payments to child-care providers for fraudulent billing. Last year, lawmakers approved funding that enabled the fraud unit to double in size through the addition of eight new investigators.

In 2015, a Minneapolis day care center, Salama Child Care, was shut down after authorities determined that it billed the state for hundreds of hours of care that were never provided, even for days when it was closed.

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