Texas Billboard Makes A Point About The Political Divide

The Biased Media has been pitting Americans against each other so much so that a sign can now be seen in Texas. This sign goes to show you the division that exists in our country. Where opinions on things are so vastly different that some people thought to put a sign up to let everyone know.

This division is not simply based on personal beliefs, it also stems from the divisive media. The Mainstream Media seems so against conservatives that they will dodge any opportunity to praise them. Take the recent Summit with Kim Jong Un. It was not only briefly covered but then criticized after. A momentous moment for a US President, where we are getting a country to disarm itself, potentially preventing a future nuclear war. A war that even Obama claimed would likely be necessary. But the MSM would have you believe it is not a big deal, but instead an error to acknowledge Kim Jong Un because of his inhuman treatment of his people. This negative twist is what creates the divide.

This should be seen as a win. The US makes countless deals with bad leaders of countries and usually over resources or in order to overthrow the current bad regime. But in this case the benefits far outweighed resources, we are preventing a nuclear war. Even if Kim Jong Un was only bluffing for now, he was working to be able to bomb the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Now we once again are getting divided as the media is coming down on Trump for the current illegal immigration policy, a policy that he didn’t even create. And why is Trump enforcing this policy? He could simply allow everyone in but then we would end up with criminal elements like MS-13 and drug traffickers. Sure, there are people just trying to make a better life for themselves, but why can’t they come in lawfully?

Currently, the MSM is flooding their channels with speculation about children who are being cared for as their parental guardian(s), in many cases unrelated, face charges. So the US is caring for the children of illegal immigrants and somehow still being painted as the bad guy by the Liberal Media. How do you appease people like this? Let everyone in and hope for the best? No, that would be irresponsible as we have Americans living on the border, dealing with this problem daily. The current Administration is fulfilling its duty to defend its citizens.

If the MSM really wanted to do more than simply divide¬†Americans they would be pushing Congress to do something. Executive orders are not the way to address every facet of immigration that may need to be altered. But instead it’s the bash Trump and ICE show and now we have governors who are preventing deployment of the National Guard. This divide is unacceptable. Americans can have different opinions but they need to support their president and protect America’s borders. You notice how it’s the Northern States who are callously preventing the deployment of The National Guard. The states that are least affected by illegal immigration. I guess they don’t realize that they are not only failing their president but their fellow Americans that live along the border.

The Billboard:

If the mainstream media keeps this up we may need this sign in more than just Texas.

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