Texas Steps Up, Looks Into Building Their Own Border Wall

The Democrats are still messing around when it comes to funding a border wall. We are on the verge of another govt shutdown if legislation that funds a border wall is not passed. But while they are debating in D.C., Texas may have the answer to get at least part of the wall up.

State Representatives Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredricksburg) and Briscoe Cain (R-Deer Park) are working on legislation to take $2.5 billion from the Texas Economic Stabilization Fund, also known as the Rain Day Fund, to provide funding to build a border wall along the Texas border with Mexico. The proposal is still in the drafting phase, sources tell Breitbart News, but a bill could be filed soon.

A source in Rep. Biedermann’s office told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the bill is still in the planning stages but calls for the funds to be allocated to the Office of the Texas Governor, who would oversee the process of allocating funds and getting the wall built.

The funds would be used to design, test, construct, and install physical barriers, roads, and technology along the international land border between Texas and Mexico with a goal of preventing illegal border crossings in those areas, Biedermann told Breitbart News on Sunday.”

Lt Governor Dan Patrick claims that the governor is not in favor of using the rainy day fund for a border wall. They instead suggest billing the Federal govt for the border security they have already provided.

I think that is wishful thinking on the Governor’s part. The Democrats have no interest in funding any part of a wall as it is. They better be good at getting blood from a stone. But the rainy day fund plan sounds promising.

If they were to go through with it and get a wall built in Texas they could fix a big part of the problem. Trump could then focus on securing the rest of the border.

Hopefully, Texas can get the Governor on board.

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