The Caravan Is Heading In The Wrong Direction, Panama Is South

There are still more migrants heading this way. Even the MSM has reported that the caravan is mostly comprised of male job-seekers. They have given up on their claim that the migrants are all asylum-seeking victims. We are not going to allow the majority of the migrants in anytime soon and their attack on the border has not sped up the process.

Despite the bleatings of the no-borders crowd, America need not welcome anyone and everyone who barges in. This Republic is less like a catch-all community college and more like a prestigious university that may receive or reject whomever it wishes. If Georgetown, NYU, and Stanford may decide whom to admit, America should be at least as selective. Conversely, if the Left truly hates borders, then its elite educational bastions immediately should open themselves to everyone who can storm in and snag classroom seats.”

But the caravan still has other avenues to take. Mexico is still offering opportunities and a ride home if they are not willing to wait. The other option that these migrants should really think about is Panama.

But rather than north, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans should caravan south — to Panama. It’s the wealthiest country between the U.S. and Colombia. So maybe these folks should seek better lives there.

According to the CIA World Factbook, per capita gross domestic product in El Salvador stood at $8,000 in 2017. In Guatemala, $8,200. Honduras: $5,600. Panama was miles ahead of them all at $25,400 — outrunning even Mexico’s $19,900.

Real GDP growth last year was 2.3 percent in El Salvador, 2.8 percent in Guatemala, and 4.8 percent in Honduras. Panama trounced these countries, at 5.4 percent, almost triple Mexico’s 2 percent expansion rate. Focus Economics predicts: “Growth is likely to pick up pace in 2019 and 2020.”

Also, Panama’s homicide rate is much lower than those in these other countries. This should be a major consideration for these reputedly safety-minded migrants.”

But they have already turned down Mexico’s offers so I doubt they will think that Panama is any better.

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