The City Of Boston Reportedly Discriminates Against Christianity

Christianity is practiced by the majority of Americans. At 75% it is by no means a minority group. But for some reason, Christians are being discriminated against in Boston.

Harold Shurtleff, the 59-year-old director of Camp Constitution, a public charitable trust, said his group was denied a permit last year to raise a Christian flag on one of City Hall’s flag poles in connection with an event.”

The city has responded to his complaint.

Boston’s property management commissioner, said “This policy and practice is consistent with well-established First Amendment jurisprudence prohibiting a local government ‘respecting an establishment of religion.’ ”

He added, “This policy and practice is also consistent with city’s legal authority to choose how a limited government resource, like the City Hall flagpoles, is used.”

The Video Below shows that the city proudly flies a Gay Pride Flag. But a Christian flag would be too much?

The city’s response left Shurtleff with only one option and he wasn’t going to back down. He filed a suit against the city. He believes his first amendment rights have been violated.

The suit stated that the Boston city flag includes the city seal that features a Latin inscription which means “God be with us as he was with our fathers.” The city has allowed that banner to fly at City Hall, according to the suit, which was first reported by Universal Hub.”

So why was he not permitted to fly a Christian flag?

Shurtleff claims that he was only trying to express himself. He was not looking for all of the trouble that followed.

One of his attorneys, Roger Gannam said the hope is to have a ruling from a federal judge before Sept. 17. At its core, the suit, said Gannam, is about a group’s “ability to raise its flag on the same terms as everyone else. If they had simply allowed, no one would ever have even noticed, I’m pretty sure,” he said.”

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