The Clintons Are Looking For Interns To Hire – But Refuse To Pay Them ANYTHING!

The Clintons are fishing for sucking for the fall. Just like the mess Hillary pulled with her ‘free coffee instead of pay’ in 2015, the Clintons are back seeking young interns to do their dirty work and offering them NOTHING in return. Why do people even support these two?

According to The Daily Caller, during the 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton was criticized for asking the Federal Election Commission to allow some campaign workers to accept college credit and a modest stipend for compensation.

Other candidates, like Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, paid his campaign interns $10.10 an hour for their work.

From 2001 to 2016, both Hillary and Bill Clinton made over a combined $240 million from writing books, giving speeches and consulting work.

Back in 2015 the (then) Democratic presidential candidate (Hillary), who reportedly hoped to raise $2 billion to fund her campaign, is offering to compensate interns in “free coffee,” “great views,” and “the chance to make history”. Instead of pay. Because that’s the American way, right?

The job posting says that these poor interns will do everything from accept admission payments, planning events, and running the crummy Clinton museum store. No kidding. Most of the job listing has absolutely nothing to do with fall campaigning so it looks like free laborers to me.

Just take a look at a FRACTION of what they’re asking for:

“Interns are to provide courteous service to visitors and assist them in finding the product they are shopping for if requested.  They are to be familiar with the products in the store as well as the Clinton Presidential Center.  The intern will need to be knowledgeable about all aspects of running the register, packing the purchase and providing a positive closure to the visitor.

There will be daily tasks such as learning to open and close the register, stock the store inventory, light cleaning and straightening of merchandise. Interns will also conduct research for upcoming exhibit merchandise and potential new inventory.  Possibly interact with the marketing department to service their requests such as photographing merchandise for the website or advertising.”

So with all that Clinton cash why are they being so cheap? Typical liberal, wanting something for nothing and with Hillary’s looney supporters they’ll likely find some poor sucker to take the job. Just remember You get what you pay for!

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