The Five Take On Hysterical Joy Behar’s Newest Outbursts

Liberals are of course up in arms over Trump’s pick for the new justice, Brett Kavanaugh. So you know Joy Behar was just hysterical, as that is her shtick. The Five saw through her theatrics and talked about the so-called disqualifying factors when it came to Kavanaugh, which were farfetched.

Behar: “Why was a president who is under investigation by the FBI for obstruction of justice and collusion be allowed to pick a supreme court justice who will be there, I’ll be dead. There are many people in this room who will still be alive and need abortions and what have you need healthcare. How dare he be allowed to do this while he is under investigation.”

This may be obvious but isn’t it innocent until proven guilty? Or is it because he is conservative that he is automatically assumed guilty? The Five reacted to Joy’s odd statement, pointing out how she gets so hysterical for no real reason and that it is overdone at this point

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery a guest host on the five commented on Joy’s Behavior.

“So what Joy Behar is doing is relying on an exaggerated emotionalist approach to something she finds disconcerting and instead of talking about facts and solutions. She really just leans into hysterics and hyperbole and it’s a really bad idea and it’s what the left needs to avoid if they want to come off with a cohesive message and find someone to deliver that message who can defeat the president in 2020. Because at this rate not only do you have Trump Supporters who back him undoubtedly. You also have a lot of Independents going “You know what I have heard the sky is falling about everything. It’s still very much in the sky, I’m gonna wait and see what this guy says during the Senate confirmation before I declare that we are all going to die.”

They went on to comment about Joy’s other outburst where she feels Mitch McConnell deserves to be in jail. Since he outsmarted the Democrats, preventing Obama from getting to pick a Justice. Check out the rest below.


Watch The Five Below.

Joy Behar is tough to watch. But at least we have The Five and other conservatives out there watching and preventing her slanders from gaining traction, at least in rational circles.


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