The Group Formerly Known As The Boy Scouts Takes Another Hit

The Boy Scouts Of America (BSA) used to be quite prevalent. Male youths were able to learn many different things that they normally would not have access to. From tying knots to canoeing and learning how to plot a course on a map with a compass. But numbers were dwindling and the BSA  failed to properly advertise or bring people in. So in the face of aging members, they acted and tried to be more inclusive. They dropped the name boy and became The Scouts, in hopes of gaining some female members.

But it seems like this plan may have backfired at least a little bit. The Church Of The Latter Day Saints has made the announcement that they will be cutting all ties with The Scouts effective December 2019. The church claims they are creating their own program that is more religion-oriented.

The focus of this new approach for children and youth is to help young people strengthen faith in Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. This approach is intended to help children and youth discover their eternal identity, build character and resilience, develop life skills, participate in outdoor activities and service opportunities, and strengthen their ability to fulfill their divine roles as daughters and sons of God.”

This is a considerable blow to The Scouts as The Latter Day Saints have been partnered with the scouts for over 100 years. Thier partnership brings in nearly half a million (427k) boys to the group. The group has about 2.3 million people in it right now so this would be a considerable chunk.

Watch The News Reel Below When The LDS Originally dropped the BSA

Was the name change the last straw?

Over the years the scouts have become more and more accepting and Politically correct. They had started allowing gay scoutmasters and gay boys to join. Last year when they decided to allow transgender boys (girls that identify as boys) The Latter Day Saints “decided to drop Scouting from church programs for boys aged 14-17.”

It will be interesting to see how the new change affects the scouts as there is already an organization that accepts girls, The Girl Scouts. Will the Scouts be able to continue on? Only time will tell, but it definitely looks like they are on their way out.

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