The NFL Sucks Up To China With Thier Global Map

The NFL stands for the National Football League, and it used to be a given that the nation they were referring to was the United States, but these last couple of years make you wonder. The NFL has given in to players who were disrespectful of our flag and have been playing a black national anthem at their games as if we are more than one country, and now they are pandering to another country, encouraging more division.

The small island to the right of China is Taiwan, yet it is grouped with China as if they are all the same country.

Their divisive map came out with the following announcement about expanding their fan base internationally.

NFL fandom begins with our clubs,” said Christopher Halpin, NFL Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer. “This important initiative enables NFL teams to develop meaningful, direct relationships with NFL fans abroad, driving fan growth and avidity globally. We were very pleased with the number, creativity, and level of commitment of club proposals across the board in this initial application period and look forward to teams launching their efforts early
next year.”

As part of the International HMA program, clubs will have access to international markets for at least a five-year term, during which a club will have rights to pursue activities in that international market that are consistent with what they can do in their domestic HMA. This includes in-person and digital marketing, corporate sponsorship sales, fan events and activations, youth football activities, merchandise sales, and co-marketing relationships with other sports and entertainment properties in the market.

Clubs can begin to activate in their awarded market(s) on January 1, 2022.

“Today’s announcement is a significant milestone in our efforts to broaden the NFL’s global reach by building long-term relationships with these international markets that will play a large role in the continued growth and expansion of our sport for years to come,” said Joel Glazer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Owner/Co-Chairman and NFL International Committee Chairman. “Much of our league success is rooted in the strong connection that our individual teams have built with their fans, and this initiative creates many more avenues for engaging and energizing our international

So with the map they used, they are calling Taiwan part of China, and they are doing that on purpose because they want to gain the favor of the Chinese people. They want to expand their fan base to the Chinese. But that’s an odd move considering we pretty much have committed to helping the Taiwanese people maintain their independence. So is the NFL admitting they are against American interests now?

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