The Numbers Are In, Here’s How Much Was Spent Unintentionally Arming Al Qaeda Under Obama Administration

So now we know where some of our tax dollars went. Two failed missions to arm Syrian Rebels resulted in the arming to Al Qaeda.

Back in 2015, the US, under the Obama administration, aimed to arm the moderate Syrian rebels in hopes of getting rid of the Syrian Regime. The US through the CIA sent truckloads of weapons but failed to properly help the Syrian Rebels.

Maj. Anas Ibrahim Obaid AKA Abu Zayd explained the situation.

Zayd like many of the US-backed Syrian Rebels was originally gung-ho fo fight the Syrian Regime but he soon like many of the others switched sides as he ran into numerous problems. Zayd claims that the program was rife with problems.

After being trained in Turkey, two groups were sent into Syria, one of which was immediately ambushed and all of their weapons were confiscated. The second group was then told to go to Syria unarmed and acquire weapons within. The Rebels refused and eventually were armed.

The U.S. trainers “wanted us to go into Syria without weapons because of the ambush, and said we could get the weapons inside instead. This was crazy,” Zayd recalled. “We refused.”

The next time they made it to the border and someone erroneously put a Syrian Regime flag in their bags throwing off the whole trip. They turned around and went back, aiming to find out why they had the been sent in with the wrong flag. Morale dropped and many of the rebels abandoned the mission. The unit size dropped from 72 to 25.

Zayd did not last much longer as he also became fed up with the plan, but needed a way to get home. So he used the weapons and supplies to buy him safe passage back to his home. He made arrangements for Al Qaeda to drive him home.

I communicated with Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Nusra, to protect and safely escort me and my soldiers for two hours from North Aleppo to West Aleppo,”  Zayd, told Fox News from his home in the western Aleppo area. “In exchange, I gave them five pickup trucks and ammunition.”

“In July 2017, citing its ineffectiveness and on a recommendation from then-CIA director Mike Pompeo, President Trump ended the faltering Syrian rebel supply program. While the cost of the program and the amount of arms and aid provided remains mostly classified, it is estimated that more than $1 billion was spent on the effort.

The CIA declined to comment on this story. A spokesperson for the Defense Department acknowledged that they “clearly faced challenges” with the now-discontinued train-and-equip effort.”

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