The Two New Gun Laws Affecting Deep Blue Illinois – Coming To A State Near You?

It may not be California “Blue” but Illinois is still up there among some of the deepest blue States in the US. Well, they just got a shade darker after rolling out two new gun laws that are beyond unconstitutional.

According to the Office of Senator Neil Anderson, the first law titled “SB 3256/PA 100-0606”  creates a 72-hour waiting period on all firearms, not just handguns.

The bill also eliminates the current waiting period exemption when a non-Illinois resident buys a gun at an Illinois gun show.

A violation of this law would be considered a class four felony.

The second new gun law titled “HB 2354/PA 100-0607” allows family or police to petition the court for an ex parte order (Restraining order or an order that benefits only one side in a case) if the person:

“poses a significant danger of causing personal injury to himself/herself or another by having in his/her custody or control, owning, purchasing, possessing or receiving a firearm.”

This new law would allow family or police to take away a persons right to own a firearm without their knowledge if they are deemed “too dangerous.”

As one Town Hall Writer points out, waiting periods are worthless. They don’t reduce crime. It’s window dressing and at worst, infringes on one’s constitutional right to own firearms. Suppose you’re in a life or death situation, especially with a violent stalker or an abusive spouse or significant other, and you needed a firearm for protection. This impedes on that immensely.

Does this bother you? Well, it should. I think this should concern everyone, even those not in deep-blue States because it sets a standard that could easily be followed by other States. Just as court cases plead their cases on past cases won.

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