The UNTHINKABLE Happens To Hero Soldier Who Volunteered to Help Hurricane Victims

The brave men and women who serve to protect American citizens and values, know all too well about sacrifice. They’re often the first to rush into horrific situations and almost always the last to leave. It takes a special breed of people to join the U.S. armed forces and these people should be defended and protected by all Americans.

Sadly, not everyone feels that way and too often we witness quietly the opposite…

A North Carolina army medic who voluntarily gave ten days of his off time to help those impacted by the storm, RWN reported. This hero soldier worked day and night to help victims during and after the hurricane.

Unfortunately, when he got home he was the recipient of a sick ‘thank you’ when he found that his house had been raided by looters. National Guardsman Luis Ocampo, 24, told the media that these criminals literally cleaned out his home in Charlotte.

According to officials, the thieves took a gun, a large TV, a gaming system, a laptop Ocampo uses for schoolwork and even some specialty coins and jewelry. When Ocampo says they cleaned out his house he wasn’t wrong and it looks like they had a snack while doing it. Since most people evacuated for the storm, the looters weren’t afraid of being seen or caught so they probably took their sweet time.

Initially, a GoFundMe account was set up to help the soldier recover from this tragedy but it didn’t take long for them to reach their goals Several people flooded in to help and the family received multiple requests to reopen the fund. In yet another selfless act the soldier and loved ones had this to say:

“Due to so many people requesting we re-open the fund, Luis and I have come together to offer another option as a way to give back – donating to the charity of his choice. Luis has chosen the Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund (SAAF). The SAAF is a non-profit charitable organization that gives grants to soldiers in need. Below you will be able to find the link, directly to where you can donate to the SAAF. This way, you will be able to support other soldiers in need and give back to the community, on behalf of Luis.
Thank you for your continued prayers and may God bless you all.”

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