The View Hosts Fume Over Presidential Dem’s Conduct

The View Hosts are usually all about attacking Trump and Republicans. So it was surprising that they decided to go after a Dem Presidential Candidate. I guess they felt particularly slighted by Dem Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg’s references to his youthfulness in comparison to the other candidates.

“Does Buttigieg have to keep reminding us that he was younger than Bernie’s original hips?” Joy Behar asked.

“I thought that was so obnoxious too, by the way,” Meghan McCain added.

“He kept saying, ‘As long as I’ve been alive,’ ‘I’m young, I’m young, and you’re old,’ is basically what — and Bernie’s like, ‘Oh, pick up these glasses,'” Behar continued, mimicking an elderly person.

Whoopi Goldberg then threw her two cents in, “I did point that out to the — when he was here. It’s one of the things that I don’t appreciate because there have been — again, I keep saying it. You all are standing on shoulders that have been fighting these fights for years.”

“It’s terribly disrespectful, and I do not like Bernie as his policies. But I do think, he did write the damn bill, and he’s been in office for a million years,” McCain commented.

” A lot of these ideas that Elizabeth Warren has he had first, a lot of these progressive ideas are Bernie’s,” Behar explained.

“It’s generational divide I think we have been talking about, that we are seeing in the Democratic party,” Hostin noted.

Watch The Video Below.

Bernie Sanders has lost traction in the polls whereas he used to be in the runner up after Biden he has now fallen behind Warren and Harris, according to This is poor planning on the Dem’s part as they say only Sanders or Biden would stand any real chance against Trump. So I guess we can all thank Warren and Harris for staying in the race helping to guarantee a Trump win.

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