The View: The Poors Need to Stop Caring About Affording Food

On Monday, the panel of liberal ladies on ABC’s The View voiced their disdain for average Americans who were concerned about affording food in the face of Bidenomics. They even had the audacity to suggest that those who were struggling financially were better off under President Biden’s leadership than they were under former President Trump. To further their out-of-touch narrative, they brought on millionaire actress Kyra Sedgwick to downplay the struggles of the common person.

The panel’s ire was sparked by the Republican Party’s campaign message of “are you better off than you were four years ago?” This question was meant to make people reflect on their well-being compared to the beginning of a president’s term. However, The View twisted the messaging and made it seem as though the question was irrelevant because the pandemic had caused economic turmoil.

Host Whoopi Goldberg expressed frustration over those with “short memory issues” who couldn’t see the supposed positive economic changes under the Biden administration. Faux conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in, exclaiming that Republicans were committing “malpractice” by asking this question. She went on to bring up the toilet paper shortage at the start of the pandemic to emphasize her point.

Despite attempting to portray herself as a conservative, Griffin eventually acknowledged that the GOP’s question was in regards to the economy before the pandemic. She claimed that voters are comparing their financial situations now to when they had more money in their 401Ks and the economy was doing well. However, she quickly backtracked by giving credit to the Biden administration for the economy objectively doing better.

Pseudo-independent Sara Haines tried to show empathy for those struggling financially, but she also made excuses for the Biden administration’s lack of control over inflation. She stated that the administration was not to blame for the current state of the economy and that it was a problem faced globally.

The other faux conservative on the panel, Ana Navarro, regurgitated the New York Times’ claim that Americans had “amnesia” about the Trump presidency. She took this opportunity to tout the Democrats’ accomplishments and remind the country of where they were four years ago.

In their interview with actress Kyra Sedgwick, she echoed the panel’s sentiment, claiming that “we are better off than we were four years ago.” She downplayed the struggles of average Americans and belittled their concerns about inflation, saying that there were more significant issues at stake. She ended by urging people to vote for Biden, as she believed that the country would be in trouble if the election went the other way.


The ladies of The View exemplify the disconnect between the elites and the average American. They brush off the real struggles that everyday people are facing and instead focus on defending the Biden administration and pushing a political agenda. It’s disheartening to see them mock the legitimate concerns of struggling Americans and downplay the impact of inflation on their lives. But this is just another instance of the media elites looking down on those they deem beneath them, without actually understanding or caring about their struggles.

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