Thief Picks The Wrong Mark, Finds Himself At The Wrong End Of An Old-Fashioned

A thief thought he had it made when he saw 68-year old Steve Shepard limping to his car. Shepard had just been eating some Tacos and was heading back to his car completely unaware that he was about to be attacked.

The thief approached Shepard from behind and sucker-punched him in the eye.

“He hit me from behind in the eye,” Shepherd said. “It was all bloody, much worse than this. And it buckled my knees.”

Shepard was caught off guard but he was by no means beaten. The attacker then demanded his phone.

“‘Give me your effing phone. Give me your effing phone.’ He said that three or four times. He was very upset,” he recalled.

Shepard quickly recovered and sprang into action. Steve Shepard was not your everyday 68-year-old man. He was a Kick Boxing Legend. Shepard quickly handled the situation and a single bone-crunching punch was all it took.

“I’m sure I broke his ribs. I could hear it almost. I hit him with what’s called a right cross as he was still coming at me,” Shepherd said. The thief then made a run for it.

Watch the News Reel Below.

Shepard went on to explain that this thief was more than a little unlucky. He apparently didn’t notice a key detail.

“Despite wearing a t-shirt with “5x World Champion, Steve Shepherd’s Palm Beach KickBox-SuperFIT” emblazoned on the back and his famed “one punch” on the front, Shepherd believes he may have appeared like he’d be an easy target because he recently pulled a muscle in his leg and is currently walking with a limp.”

“I was the world champion in five weight divisions,” Shepherd said. “My claim to fame is I beat the guy who knocked out Mike Tyson.”

It actually worked out for the best when you think about it. Not every 68-year-old limping man is going to be able to take on a thief. Score one for the good guys.