Things Are So Bad For The Clinton’s They’re Practically Giving Tickets Away

The TWO-time presidential race loser, Hillary Clinton, is struggling to fill seats at her talking tour. The event named “An evening with the Clinton” has proven to be a deliciously massive flop.

After all of the bad plublicity the Clinton’s have brought to the Democratic party it looks like the pair of crooks are finally paying for it. AND BIG TIME!

“Hillary and Bill Clinton have announced a 2018-2019 arena tour, launching on Nov. 18. The BIll and Hillary Clinton tour will be known as “An Evening with The Clintons” and is billed as an up close and personal live event.” However, the website has had to drop the price down to $2 a ticket!

One News Now called the sudden drop ‘desperate times’ for the Clintons:

“Failing to draw the crowds they anticipated in America’s liberal neighbor north of the border, the former first lady and her husband’s “An Evening with the Clintons” have seen the going rate for their tickets plummet on Groupon from $70 to $35.

In fact, huge vacated sections of arenas hosting the Clinton tour throughout Canada resembled empty patches in NFL stadiums after football fans got fed up with the league’s tolerance of players’ anti-American grandstanding of kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police.

The fall from popularity of the once-magnetic couple — especially since Hillary’s lackluster 2016 presidential campaign –has been witnessed not only through dirt cheap prices, but through gaping holes in seats, as half-filled stadiums became the norm – rather than the exception – in Canada’s largest cities.”

Now that tickets are 90% off maybe it’s time for the Clintons to retire and wait for Hillary’s arrest?

Even after using high-pressure sales strategies to get rid of the tickets – including trying to scare Clinton fans that seats will be gone if they don’t immediately purchase them – the Clintons still found it extremely difficult to fill seats.

“They were struggling to get people to their shows, so they were selling tickets for as low as $6.55 before the show began,” Townhall informed. “Their new marketing plow – more like last ditch effort – at getting people to attend their event is by selling tickets on Groupon. Tickets on the Clintons’ website go between $89 and $399, but, if you’re looking for a real steal, Groupon has them for $35.”

Just $2 a ticket and they’re still struggling to fill the seats? Do you think they’ll get the hint? let us know in the comments below.


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