Things Take A Turn For The Worse As ICE Facility Faces Protesters

Trump’s executive order seemed to shut up the Liberal MSM narrative at least for a little while. But since Democrats are still unwilling to do anything as far as a real fix for the immigration problem, it is still an issue. Some over-zealous Liberals attempted to prevent ICE agents from doing their jobs this past Wednesday, in Portland Oregon.

The protesters did more than simply stand in the way and chant. They also started to throw things at the ICE agents and used makeshift shields to try and deflect attempts of nonlethal suppression.

The ICE agents were forced to use pepper spray, Pepper balls, and eventually tasers on the unruly protesters. Eight protesters were arrested after they interlocked their arms and tried to stop a deportation van from leaving the building. The protester quickly lost their composure and began yelling at the agents.

“What is f*cking wrong with you, you f*cking scumbags!” a protester yelled. His co-protesters backed up with a bunch of F Yous.

“Is that how you f*cking treat women?!” another protester criticized. “Shame! Shame!”

This is ridiculous. These ICE Agents are Americans defending our border and keeping us safe. They are simply upholding the laws of the land. It is the equivalent of killing the messenger but as you can see the protesters don’t get it. They don’t understand decency, and common sense looks to be an issue for them as well.

Watch The Video Below. ( **Warning There Is Profanity In The Video**)

Since June 17, the Portland facility has been under siege by the anti-ICE agitators organized by Direct Action Alliance, a local antifa group and the Democratic Socialists of America. The occupiers succeeded in temporarily shutting the office down; then on June 28, federal officers clad in riot gear cleared them off of the property. They’ve been camped out nearby ever since.”

The activists are calling for the abolition of ICE, and say that they will continue their occupation until the Portland office is permanently closed.”

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