This Clueless Interviewee Is Why No Leftist Should EVER Comment On The Second Amendment

The Anti-Gun Liberals are always looking for a new way to come after Assault Rifles. From the misguided Parkland kids to almost any Gun Control Pushing politician they always seem to think that AR-15s are the source of all evil.

The best part is when they claim it is because of their semi-automatic capability as if pistols are somehow less lethal. But this Democrat is another Gun Grabber who believes in Gun Control. She somehow found a connection between shotguns and assault rifles that no one else could.

Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was interviewed by Chris Cuomo on his CNN show: Cuomo Prime Time. They brought up the recent Newspaper Shooting, where five people were killed by a man with a shotgun. Cuomo set the question up to allow for the Pro-Gun Control Democrat to express her anti-gun sentiment.

“Are you aware of anything on the federal level that is being done actively to deal with the issues that seem to invariably surround these shootings?” Cuomo asked. “We know what the states are doing, but on the federal level, is there anything to give any hope for any kind of momentum?”

But¬†Gillibrand missed the mark a little or doesn’t know that shotguns are not “assault weapons.”

“So I actually am optimistic that when we do flip the House, and possibly the Senate, our first vote can be on common-sense gun reform, to actually ban the assault weapons and the large magazines, ban the bump-stocks, have a universal background check system where terrorists can’t get access to weapons, and then have the investments in mental health that have been needed for a very long time,” Gillibrand said.

Well, at least she had one thing right that many Democrats fail to address. The true culprit behind a shooting a mental health issue. But aside from that, shotguns are not usually considered a gun with a large magazine and usually are not as moded out as much as an AR-15. So the bump stock ban would not affect most shotgun owners. But maybe it’s a good thing that she doesn’t know that.

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