This Tweet Shows You Just How Insane The Left Has Become

The Left is getting out of hand. House Dems are calling people racists because they feel like it.

The MSM thinks that Republicans are only motivated by rage, while the Left continues to sell their lies about the president and the state of our nation. But if that were not enough, there are Liberals on social media that are finding new creative reasons to call white people racist.

A Twitter user claimed that pet owners are racist because they are using their pets as surrogate slaves.

User @ladypalerider posted the following: “Unpopular opinion: white people love dogs so much because deep down they miss owning slaves. They love the owner and master dynamic, desperate for something to control.”

Here are a few of the well-deserved responses she received.

“Listen, I just wanted to thank you for driving more people towards the right. Trump wouldn’t be president without people like you.”

“You get the STUPIDEST TWEET award.”

“Where do you stand on people who own cats?”

“Few things are more ironic than seeing a liberal trying to condemn someone for being controlling…There is no one in this world more interested in controlling your life then one of these self-righteous morons.”

“yes because slave owners pet their slaves and gave them affection and let them eat from the table and played ball with them and snuggled them and gave them baths and took care of them”

“Perfect. The quintessential example of pseudoscience. Thanks for being a living example of how stupid Americans have become.”

This is sad because she is mimicking her party. The House Dems are calling people racist for just about anything. I’m surprised they haven’t given this lady kudos for this new reason to accuse white people of bigotry.

Owning people is not encoded in anyone’s DNA. In fact, most Americans didn’t own slaves. This level of ignorance is just amazing.

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