Tim McGraw Thinks Americans Need To Stop With The Hateful Polarization

America right now is very polarized. There is not a lot getting done when it comes to legislation because we are so divided. In fact, Trump had to bypass Congress with an executive order just to help us secure our borders. The Trump hate is so strong that even after the Mueller Report showed the president was innocent, Dems still don’t believe it. Country singer Tim McGraw thinks we need to come together as Americans. We need to stop being so nasty to each other and accept each other’s differences.

All we can do is look at the other side or look at people and say, ‘all I want to know is that no matter what you believe that you are coming from a place of truth, honestly and integrity.’ And if we can believe that about the people we are talking to — it doesn’t mean we have to agree with them — but we can understand that they’re coming from a good place in their heart,” McGraw said. “We’ve got to quit demonizing each other because that’s not going to get us anywhere.”

McGraw also said part of the reason he wrote the book with Meacham is to let Americans know “we’ve been through some rough periods and we’ll continue to go through some rough periods but we will survive. We will make it and we are a nation that still can be and still is that shining city on a hill.”

A Quick Clip Of McGraw Telling People To Vote Their Consciences.

Polarization is not the same as disagreement about how to solve public policy problems, which is healthy and natural in a democracy. Polarization is about more than just having a different opinion than your neighbor about certain issues. Polarization occurs when we refuse to live next to a neighbor who doesn’t share our politics, or when we won’t send our children to a racially integrated school.

The force that empowers polarization is tribalism: clustering ourselves into groups that compete against each other in a zero-sum game where negotiation and compromise are perceived as betrayal, whether those groups are political, racial, economic, religious, gender, or generational.”

The Left goes too far and now we have men identifying as women in women’s sports, we have people getting upset for not calling them the newest gender pronoun, we have Dems on an endless hunt to impeach the president, A Congress that is looking the other way when it comes to the border crisis, and there’s more.

These are not small things and it’s hard to find the middle ground when views are so far apart. This isn’t tribalism. This is coming to terms that some of your neighbors for some reason struggle with common sense. But maybe we should all come together and force the media to go back to fact-based reporting, as opposed to their speculations and bias.

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