Tlaib Lashes Out At Pelosi Claiming She Is Not Doing Enough For The Women Of Color In Her Caucus

Nancy Pelosi called out the freshman Dems in a recent interview claiming they need to stop complaining so much on Twitter and instead vote. Pelosi was referring to how Dems AOC, Tlaib, and Omar voted against the recent bill that will send funding to aid the border crisis.  But Tlaib disagreed and felt that Pelosi should be worrying about McConnell and how she can better support her the female women of color in her Democrat caucus.

Pelosi’s comment in the NYT.

Pelosi feels that the four made themselves irrelevant to the process by voting against “our bill,” as she put it, which she felt was the strongest one she could get. “All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world,” she said. “But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.”

Tlaib responded to Pelosi during an interview on ABC’s “This Week”

Tlaib was asked what she would say to Pelosi in regards to her recent criticism.

“Honor the fact we are there, that 650,000 people are represented by each and every single one of us, that there is some sort of, I think in many ways, something special about having a refugee, having a woman that, you know, has experienced alone what incarceration has done to her family, right. All of us have these experiences that I think have been missing in the halls of Congress. Honor that, respect that, put us at the table. Let’s come up with a solution together.

But there is a better approach. They passed something out of the House. Still I will not support anything that is broken and that dehumanizes people. But guess what, Mitch McConnell sent you back that something that was worse. And I’ll tell you right now, I mean, all you can do is focus on him. Uplift the women, especially the women of color, within your caucus that are out there because I’ll tell you more people like us, more people like me that come out to vote, we win, all of us win.”

“It is very disappointing that the speaker would ever try to diminish our voices in so many ways.”

Watch The Video Below.

Tlaib and AOC both claim that they were privy to more information as they talked to the migrants or in Tlaib’s case, she was pulled aside by some border agents. These seem like cop-outs to explain why they were unwilling to send aid to the border. Tlaib claims it was because she was told money wouldn’t help. How’s that? Money could help them afford more employees or supplies to deal with the flood of asylum-seeking migrants. This is just some BS to justify their actions. If they really cared as they say they do they would have been all over that bill to support the border.

Pelosi is right to criticize them. Tlaib looks to be full of it. Pelosi has more to worry about than the often inciting Freshman Dems.

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