Top Dem Resigns: Pleads Guilty To Taking Bribes – You Won’t BELIEVE How Much He Took! [Video]

Dallas, Texas: A top Democrat has been forced to resign after pleading guilty to corruption charges. We’ve seen a revolving door of crooked politicians over the years. Most times, it seems like a ‘certain party’ can do whatever they want without consequence. Well, brace yourselves because that isn’t the case this week!

According to RWN, last Thursday, Dwaine Caraway, who is a Dallas city council member and the mayor pro tem, pled guilty to taking over $450,000 in kickbacks and bribes. That’s the other way of making money in politics. He is the second-highest-ranking elected official in Dallas. The announcement came from U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox. He stated that Caraway received funds “in the form of a phony consulting agreement, luxury suits, fully funded trips, gambling money, repayment of personal debt, checks and cash” from businessman Robert Leonard. Someone’s been a very bad politician.

This guy evidently supported “key votes to promote and continue” a program placing cameras on school buses; that program was connected to Leonard, who owned the stop-arm camera company that took millions from the Dallas County Schools, as the Dallas Morning News reported. Cox also said that Leonard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud. Wow… that’s a lot of charges stacking up there. I would bet that Caraway is going away for a very long time. It’s certainly the end of his political career.

NBC reports that Dallas City Hall has already begun to erase the allegedly corrupt politician from their history:

Dwaine Caraway’s name had disappeared from plaques at Dallas City Hall Friday after the long time Councilman pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges Thursday and resigned from office.

His picture was even removed from those of former Dallas Mayors. Caraway was an interim Mayor for several months in 2011.

“Is there a cloud over us? Absolutely,” Councilman Adam McGough said.

McGough is one of four current members of the City Council who received legitimate campaign contributions from figures in the Dallas County Schools scandal.

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