Trans Makes Female Teammates Cry With Brag: “That Was So Easy, I Was Cruising.”

What a piece of… Confused man Lia Thomas was allowed to join the female swim team at the University of Pennsylvania and since then has not only been dominating the team, he has also been rubbing it in their faces.

A second member of the University of Pennsylvania’s swim team has reportedly come forward to speak about the calamitous effect teammate Lia Thomas, a biological man, has had on the team while Thomas smashes women’s records in competitions and leaves the women far behind. The teammate told Outkick that Thomas bragged after winning the 200 freestyle at the University of Akron Zippy Invitational, “That was so easy, I was cruising,” and after winning the 500 freestyle but disappointed with the time, boasted, “At least I’m still No. 1 in the country” in front of teammates.

“Well, obviously she’s No. 1 in the country because she’s at a clear physical advantage after having gone through male puberty and getting to train with testosterone for years. Of course, you’re No. 1 in the country when you’re beating a bunch of females. That’s not something to brag about,” the teammate commented.

The teammate said her fellow women teammates were crying on the Akron pool deck because they knew they had no chance of winning with Thomas competing. She said, “They feel so discouraged because no matter how much work they put in it, they’re going to lose. Usually, they can get behind the blocks and know they out-trained all their competitors and they’re going to win and give it all they’ve got. Now they’re having to go behind the blocks knowing no matter what, they do not have the chance to win. I think that it’s really getting to everyone.”

The University here is doing these girls a huge disservice by allowing a confused man to take away any chance they have at victory. The guys knows it too. Biological man Lia Thomas sees his teammates crying and he brags about being number one on the female swim team.

This trans pandering has to stop. If Thomas or any male wants to play a sport then it should on the teams that match their biological gender. It’s just not fair to women otherwise.

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