Trans-Woman Believes A Miss Universe Pageant Win Would Be A Victory For Human Rights.

The trans movement is alive and kicking. A Miss Universe contestant from Spain is a fully converted trans-woman. And for some reason, she is favored to beat biologically born women in this contest. The Spain contestant, Angela Ponce, plans to use her fame as a podium to push for human rights.

My goal is to be a spokesperson for a message of inclusion, respect and diversity not only for the LGBTQ+ community but also for the entire world,” Ponce declared.

In an Interview with Time, she was asked what it would mean to win, knowing that Donald Trump, the former owner of Miss Universe, did not allow transgender contestants until 2012.”

More than a message to him, it would be a win for human rights. Trans women have been persecuted and erased for so long.

“If they give me the crown, it would show trans women are just as much women as cis women.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Ponce, who first identified as female aged three, previously represented Cadiz in the 2015 Miss World Spain contest, but lost to Miss Barcelona Mireia Lalaguna who went on to win the top prize.”

Miss Universe is breaking new ground at this year’s pageant with the first transgender contestant to ever compete for the crown, and those betting on the competition are declaring her a heavy favorite.

Angela Ponce won her qualifying rounds in Spain and will represent her country at the 2018 Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ponce, who hails from Seville, was the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Universe Spain and is competing to promote gender diversity and equality.”

Call me old fashioned but I thought Miss implied woman? I get there is a trendy social movement that is pushing a ridiculous amount of gender identities, but I didn’t think it was so global. I thought most people believed in the science-backed notion of a male and female. Am I wrong?

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