Transwoman Dominates In NCAA Women’s Track Championship

Once again we see a female sporting event made a mockery of. Females train their whole lives for these sports and it’s really not fair for men to join in regardless of how they identify.

Transwoman Cece Telfer has been taking advantage of the fact that just a year prior she identified as Craig Telfer. So, of course, Cece has more testosterone than any of the females she is competing against.

Telfer has qualified in a pair of events, as she will compete in the 200-meter dash and the 60-meter hurdles,” The Franklin Pierce athletic department said on its website. The announcement added that Telfer apparently has the “fastest time of the year in the 200-meter dash is 24.08 seconds, which was set at the Northeast-10 Conference Championships earlier this month. Her fastest time in the 60-meter hurdles is 8.33 seconds, which came in December, at the UMass Boston Indoor Open.”

She is ranked third in the country in the hurdles and seventh in the 200-meter dash,” the university crowed.

The 21-year-old cleaned up last Sunday at Smith College, taking home three Northeast-10 Conference titles and scoring 31.5 of the school’s 49.5 points. Franklin Pierce University finished 6th, which ‘was the highest NE10 Championships finish in program history,’” DW reported.

People on Twitter pointed out what these Universities were too afraid to.

Because….Cece Telfer was in the national championships in the sprints and hurdles.
Craig Telfer was a regionally competitive hurdler and a bottom-of-the-pack sprinter.
Surely you can see why this abrupt shift in Telfer’s relative rankings is significant, right?”

Craig Telfer ran a 100m best of 12.17 (-1.2 wind). Cece Telfer ran a 100m best of 12.24 (0.6). Correct the wind and it is:
12.06 pre
12.28 post
A lifetime of testosterone exposure isn’t undone in a year – and, really, not ever”

Why would any college think this is ok? They should just make a separate category for transpeople. That’s really the only way for things to be fair. This is just outright mean and unsportsmanlike on the part of the schools, to allow women to face off against a man.