Transwoman Yaniv Displays How Salon Owners Are “Discriminating” Against Her

Canadian Transwoman Jessica Yaniv is at it again trying to shame Salon Owners who are denying her service. But Yaniv is not asking for a haircut or some dye, she is asking for a rather personal service that is exclusive to women. Yaniv wants these salons to give her a Brazilian wax treatment. It is a treatment that removes all of the hair around the bikini area. Yaniv is having trouble getting this service as Yaniv still has the genitals of a male. But she is shaming and suing these Salon owners as they are “discriminating” against her…

Yaniv released an exchange she had with one of the salon owners.

“Salon Owner: I only do Surrey. I go to people house.

Jessica Yaniv: I’m right on the Surrey/Langley border.

SO: But u look like a man lol

Yaniv: Excuse me? I’m a girl..

SO: Ohh okay

Yaniv: So what’s your availability like?

SO: Monday to Friday 10 to 6

Yaniv: I’m a transgender, is that an issue for you?

SO: Ummm I don’t know what’s transgender is. I never meet transgender.

Yaniv: I’m a girl now… I used to be a guy….

SO: Yeah there is a problem I don’t think I can do u sorry.

Yaniv: Why is that a problem?

SO: Don’t feel comfortable.

Yaniv: I’m a girl..

SO: Sorry no

Yaniv: You can’t do that fyi. It’s discrimination.

SO: Sorry I’m not trying to be rude or anything it just that I don’t feel comfortable doing this a and I know u have the right it’s just that ur a man into a lady but ur still a man right but into a lady. My husband won’t accept me do this sorry once again. I just don’t know what to say except sorry once again.

Yaniv: No that’s not ok, it doesn’t matter what your husband will or won’t allow, you CANNOT discriminate and reject services based on someone’s gender identity and/or gender.”

How is this discrimination? Yaniv still has male genitalia… If Yaniv really wants this treatment then maybe she should go all the way with her conversion then at least she would have something somewhat resembling the female genitalia. But as it stands a Brazilian is not for males or in her case those that have male genitalia.

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