Triggered Lefties Accidentally Attack A Migrant Sympathizer

The Left is going overboard when it comes to how they feel about the border. They believe the swill that MSM is feeding them, about the supposed inhumane conditions at our detention centers. So they are just looking for someone to be the target of their unfounded rage. So they thought that they found the perfect target, in a woman who was holding a sign that represented the father and daughter that recently died trying to cross the border. She was smiling, so they thought that she was happy about their deaths. Typical Libs didn’t look any further than that and thought we need to doxx this lady and ruin her life.

Doxxing is when you make a person’s name, address, and work information public, so that people can work together to ruin someone’s life.

But it turns this lady was not a migrant hater, nor was she making light of the recent deaths of some migrants. She was trying to raise awareness of the plight of migrants. She is a migrant sympathizer. Alex Rubinstein, a journalist at MintPress News, interviewed the lady and found that most of these Leftie’s that were trying to ruin her life, would actually likely appreciate what she was doing.

“Can you tell me real quickly what your sign is about?” Rubenstein asked.

The lady talked about how migrants are dying trying to cross the border and how she felt it needed to be highlighted. As they are only trying to come here for a better life.

Rubenstein then asked her why she felt that it was an important message to highlight on the Fourth of July.

“Because this is just so not America. America was made up of immigrants, that’s how we all [came here]… unless you are Native American. We are all just immigrants…” The lady responded.

Watch The Video Below. ( It gets hard to understand her as a choir sings during the interview)

This just goes to show you how unhinged the left is. There is no reason for them to hate on this lady. But instead, they went straight into a vicious attack mode because of a sign and a smile.