Triggered Liberal Students Get Out Of Hand At Conservative Event

Georgetown University tried to host an event that gave alternative facts when it comes to Climate Change. Liberals, of course, could not handle that there might be facts that did not line up with their beliefs. So they loudly disrupted the event causing the campus police to be brought in, in an effort to restore the peace. The loud libs still refused to comply even after being politely asked to leave numerous times.

Climate Forum: A Rebuttal” — a counter-event to an MSNBC Climate Forum — featured “climate policy & climate science experts” talking to students about an “alternative perspective” on climate change, the outlet said.

So as the clown’s horn kept blaring and angry leftists hollered “bulls**t” at the presenter, a pair of campus police officers showed up and instructed a handful of protesters to step outside the room.”

The Campus police asked several times and one student even tried to claim she was being singled out for her race as she was also asked to leave. The Liberal protesters refused to leave and they made it an ordeal for the campus police who had to get it seems everyone’s ID and inform the of the campus code of conduct.

Once those in attendance were brought outside of the room, Geoffrey Bible, deputy director of protocol and events at Georgetown University, told attendees that if anyone caused a disruption again, they would be removed and charged with a student code of conduct violation. If you chose to come back in the program, since the disruption has already happened, under the Georgetown speech and expression policies, any further disruptions will cause immediate removal by GU PD,” Bible said. “If you are removed and a Georgetown student, you will be charged with Student Code of Conduct violations. If you are a non-Georgetown student, you will be removed from campus. Please note, failure to provide an ID if you are removed is an additional sanction.”

“…no one at the event was arrested, but the protesters with signs were eventually blocked from entering the classroom.”

Watch The Video Below. (Be warned there is some vulgar language)

This figures they won’t even give the lecturer a chance to express himself. If they really believe in their cause they would have waited until then end and then brought up their contrary facts to debate it out. Everyone would have been more receptive to that. Instead, they childishly ruin the event and make themselves look foolish in the process.

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