Trump Blows Them All Away: Unleashes America’s First Cybersecurity Strategy In 15 Years!

You know, for a President who has been constantly blamed for security breaches and accused of ‘collusion’, President Trump sure spends a lot of time closing the gaps left by the previous administrations. Trump just rolled out the first cybersecurity strategy America has seen in 15 years!

Trump’s strategy puts pressure on China and Russia, specifically. Isn’t it ironic that the very President who liberal’s claim is ‘in bed with Russia’ has been the only one with the guts to confront them?

Trump stated, “in the last 18 months, my Administration has taken action to address cyber threats. We have
sanctioned malign cyber actors. We have indicated those that committed cybercrimes. We have publicly attributed malicious activity to the adversaries responsible and released details about the tools they employed. We have required departments and agencies to remove software vulnerable to various security risks.”

“We have taken action to hold department and agency heads accountable for managing cybersecurity risks to the systems they control while empowering them to provide adequate security. In addition, last year, I signed Executive Order 13800, Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure. The work performed and reports created in response to that Executive Order laid the groundwork for this
National Cyber Strategy,” Trump’ adds.

The document reads:

“The Administration recognizes that the United States is engaged in a continuous competition against strategic adversaries, rogue states, and terrorist and criminal networks. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea all use cyberspace as a means to challenge the United States, its allies, and partners, often with a recklessness they would never consider in other domains.”

According to the White House website, America’s networks are threatened daily by criminals, terrorists, and foreign adversaries. In the face of growing threats, the Federal Government has the responsibility to do its part to ensure America has the best cybersecurity in the world. Failures to prioritize cybersecurity by both government and industry have left our Nation less secure.

President Donald J. Trump is committed to protecting the cybersecurity of our Nation and has made it clear that this Administration will do what it takes to make America cyber secure.

Since the beginning of President Trump’s Administration, he has taken action to protect the American people in cyberspace. Building on these strong efforts, today, the President signed the National Cyber Strategy—the first fully articulated cyber strategy for the United States since 2003.

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