Trump Campaign Manager Calls Out “Scumbag” At CNN

Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is coming under scrutiny by the MSM, likely for doing too good a job for Trump. The MSM is claiming that there might be some unscrupulous activity over money changing hands between a super PAC and a company owned by Parscale’s wife. Brad Parscale is angered for the MSM targeting his wife and the lies they are spreading.

Brad Parscale tweeted about the incident:

.@cnn are liars trying to write a dirty story about my wife. I own all my companies. My wife is member on some of them to do filings and bookkeeping.

This is a disgusting trick to make a very simple thing look nefarious. Her last name is Parscale, what would that hide?

I’m going to start calling out editors that attack us viciously and hide behind writers that can’t control their own headlines. Journalists get blamed but the editors are the true evil. @cnnadam attacked my wife with zero visibility. You’re visible now, you scumbag.”

A top pro-Trump super PAC paid thousands of dollars to a company owned(?) by the wife of Brad ParscalePresident Trump’s campaign manager.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) files show America First Action, which was founded in 2017 to support the president and Republican candidates across the country, gave $910,000 to Red State Data and Digital, which was founded by Candice Parscale.

While super PACs are permitted to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to support certain causes or candidates, they are prohibited from coordinating their spending with a campaign.

Both Brad and Candice Parscale insist the transactions are above board and that there is no coordination between the super PAC and Trump’s reelection campaign.

“This is a perfectly legal and appropriate arrangement, which is firewalled, with zero chance for coordination,” Brad Parscale said in a statement to CNN, which was the first to report the news. “There could not possibly be coordination because the ads placed were for other candidates in the 2018 midterms. Everything is in FEC compliance.”

It looks like the MSM is trying to find a new way to go after Trump. They clearly can’t handle him in a head-on confrontation, so they are seeking to attack anyone that helps his campaign.

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