Trump Demands The Freshmen Dems Apologize For Their Despicable Conduct

The Progressive Freshmen Dems are getting out of hand. They called the President of the United States racist without cause. They were trying to defend themselves from much-needed scrutiny. They are out of line and they have even called Pelosi racist. These are people that swore an oath to serve as representatives of Americans, and they are proving that they are not up to the task.

Trump tweeted about their recent despicable behavior. 

When will the Radical Left Congresswomen apologize to our Country, the people of Israel and even to the Office of the President, for the foul language they have used, and the terrible things they have said. So many people are angry at them & their horrible & disgusting actions!”

“If Democrats want to unite around the foul language & racist hatred spewed from the mouths and actions of these very unpopular & unrepresentative Congresswomen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I can tell you that they have made Israel feel abandoned by the U.S.”

We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of Communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own Country, they’re calling the guards along our Border (the Border Patrol Agents) Concentration Camp Guards, they accuse people who support Israel as doing it for the Benjamin’s….

They are Anti-Semitic, they are Anti-America, we don’t need to know anything about them personally, talk about their policies. I think they are American citizens who are duly elected that are running on an agenda that is disgusting, that the American people will reject.

What does it mean for America to have free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants, no criminalization of coming into our Country – See how that works for controlling Immigration! They talk about Israel like they’re a bunch of thugs, not victims of the entire region. They wanted… “to impeach President Trump on DAY ONE. Make them the face of the future of the Democrat Party, you will destroy the Democrat Party. Their policies will destroy our Country!”

They should resign already, their own party doesn’t really want them either. They are refusing to compromise on any deal even amongst their own party. If that were not enough AOC is constantly lying about the border, and Omar is not better as she seems rather antisemitic. I hope their constituents wise up and vote them out ASAP.

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