Trump Fired Back At NYT Anon Op-Ed That Revealed Inside Resistance Against The President

The New York Times for printing what Trump deemed a “gutless” op-ed piece in which an anonymous senior administration official describes efforts from within the administration to push back against the president, according to The Hill.

“When you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration, probably who’s failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons, and The New York Times is failing,” Trump said at a White House event.

“If I weren’t here, I believe The New York Times probably wouldn’t exist,” he added.

The anonymous writer claims to be part of the Trump administration and reveals an alleged conspiracy to undermine the President:

“It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room. We fully recognize what is happening. And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t.”

Might I remind you that this ‘adult’ posted the ‘bash-Trump’ op’ed anonymously when the President hasn’t even attempted to hide his feelings about anyone? That doesn’t seem very ‘adult’ to me, what about you?

The piece goes on to discuss the possible removal of the President using the 25th amendment and the staff has chosen to ‘steer’ the administration instead. Avoiding a ‘crisis’ but mentions a bipartisan cooperation to overthrow Trump’s rule.

The piece finishes its murky sounding undertones by praising McCain as the ‘last hope’ but reassure readers that there are still forces within carrying on McCain’s efforts. Adding that Trump feared McCain:

“We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.”

Trump and McCain did not see eye-to-eye on anything, really, but to declare that the President was afraid of him seems a little far-fetched. After all, Trump blasted McCain publicly several times. That doesn’t seem like a man afraid of someone. Heck, Trump doesn’t seem like a man afraid of anyone.

The whole thing reads very ominous, and if it was really written by someone from the Trump administration, the President may need to clean house. Again.

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