Trump Grants a 94-Year-Old Veteran His Birthday Wish – Just Amazing [Video]

After a lifetime of service Sargent Allen Jones received a birthday wish from the President. Two, really. Mr. Jones says he always wanted to meet a sitting president and that he would love to take his family to the Oval office. A simple request, that means a lot to a man who has given so much. The exchange will tug on your heart-strings, for sure.

Trump criticized the Secret Service for putting  Sargent Jones so far away from the podium. “He’s only 94 and the Secret Service made him walk about 100 yards, but that’s ok,” the President said. The hot mic caught Trump calling the veteran a hero.

“This is one of the highlights of this 94-year-old man,” the veteran said. He goes on to explain his family’s long military history. Explained how he lost his brother in WWII off the coast Italy. “Many times I have just wished he could come back to the land of the free and the home of the brave again,” Mr. Jones said.

Sargent Jones’ family was not able to be with him at the event. Unfortunately, his wife was not feeling well but the veteran said he hoped his children were watching him. Sargent Jones’ request was to include his loved ones in his dream.

According to Town Hall, President Trump also welcomed the confirmation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie, who was voted out of the Senate Monday afternoon.

“I applaud the United States Senate for confirming Robert Wilkie as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Mr. Wilkie has dedicated his life to serving his country with honor and pride. He has displayed great patriotism and a commitment to supporting and empowering America’s armed forces and veterans,” President Trump released in a statement after Wilkie’s confirmation. “Under his leadership, I have no doubt that the Department of Veterans Affairs will continue to make strides in honoring and protecting the heroic men and women who have served our Nation with distinction.”

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