Trump – Here’s How The Dems Are Holding The Govt Hostage

The Govt Shutdown is still in effect and it appears that the Democrats are more worried about an international trip then they are the jobs of over 800,000 Americans. Trump made a statement after the Senate once again failed to pass legislation that would re-open the govt.

“We have to have border security, we have to have a wall in order to have border security. You cannot have border security without a wall. We can play games and we can talk about technology, we can talk about drones flying around. You know, right now formed is an 8,000 person caravan, and the caravan is heading our way.

Congratulations, we have another one. We stopped the first one, we stopped the second one. I would not say that Tijuana is too happy, but they’re happily living in Tijuana right now and a lot of them have gone back. We stopped them but it is very tough. If we didn’t have a wall in those areas, it would have been very hard to stop them.

We have the military and we have the Border Patrol that have done an incredible job, and ICE has done an incredible job all over the country, frankly. We’ve removed thousands of MS-13 and others out of our country. But if we had a wall, we would not have that problem.

It would be great, so we have a lot of alternatives, but I’m just honored that almost all of the Republicans voted for our bill, our bill is the bill that we were really focused on, but we had almost all of the Republicans, so the end result was 50-47, the Democrats lost one that came over to our side. So they pretty much held, we held, and again, we were missing two Republicans that could not vote, they were not here.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Looks like the Democrats are holding up progress. 5 Billion is just a drop in the bucket when you think of how much the govt spends annually. So why not spend it on something Americans need in order to be safe?

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