Trump Hits China Where It Hurts – Sends A Message They Won’t Soon Forget

President Trump slapped China with the largest set of Tariffs yet, sending them a message they won’t soon forget. While some lawmakers are in a panic over the possible downfall of United States-China relations, the President knows that the U.S. is China’s greatest purchaser.
These Tariffs have come after decades of bad practices from Chinese business that have gone unchecked by previous administrations. Bad practices that cost Americans dearly. The Tariffs Trump plans to enforce is the largest yet and should go up any day now. China can expect it to be somewhere in the ballpark of 200 Billion- that should do it.
The tariffs will hit everything from fish such as salmon and halibut, vegetables, nuts, grains, orange juice and metals including titanium and uranium. Changes to the proposed list were made after the Trade Representative received comments and held hearings on the issue, According to The Hill.
The President has vowed to do another round of tariffs on $267 billion on Chinese goods if Beijing retaliates against this round. If Trump follows through with a third batch of tariffs, they could more than cover China’s imports into the United States.
In previous administrations, China has been allowed to skate the lines of trade- for far too long. Trump’s Tariffs lets China know that if they want to continue trading with their largest client, The United States, they have to play ball.
The U.S. is using Section 301 of the trade law to levy the tariffs, saying that China has for years escaped punishment for engaging in unfair trade practices that include intellectual property and technology theft.
“These practices plainly constitute a grave threat to the long-term health and prosperity of the United States economy,” Trump said in a statement.
Senior officials at the White House say they have urged Chinese officials for at least the past year to fix systemic problems in their economy that hurt U.S. businesses and workers. But so far no changes have happened.
“China has had many opportunities to fully address our concerns. Once again, I urge China’s leaders to take swift action to end their country’s unfair trade practices. Hopefully, this trade situation will be resolved, in the end, by myself and President Xi of China, for whom I have great respect and affection,” Trump said a statement.
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