Trump Is Prepping For An All-Out Political War

Democrats and Republicans are constantly butting heads but when it comes to Trump the Dems can’t attack him enough. The loss of the House will take effect in January but the Democrats have already started making plans. They have talked about impeachment on more than one occasion and Trump is rightly preparing for a tough ride ahead as they have gained back some political power.

Mueller would like it to go for the rest of his life,” Trump said when asked how he saw the probe ending. “It’s a witch hunt at the highest level, it’s McCarthyism.”

The probe, and the left’s exploitation of it, continue to inflict casualties. The most recent one is that any hopes that divided government might be productive are vanishing.

The day after the midterms, Trump tried to paint a rosy picture of the Dem majority in the House, saying he was eager to work with likely Speaker Nancy Pelosi and would sign key legislation even if most Republicans opposed it.

Now his message is far more stick than carrot. As he said in our interview, the new Dem leaders would be unleashing the furies from hell if they engage in “presidential harassment.”

“I will hit them so hard, they’ve never seen a hit like that,” he said, referring to his power to release secret documents, some of which, he hinted, will be deeply embarrassing to Barack Obama’s administration.

“If they want to play tough, I will do it,” he said. “And they will see how devastating those pages are.”

Trump needs to be ready Rep Jerry Nadler has already claimed they will look into the possibility of impeachment and Pelosi is talking Tax Returns. It seems Trump is going to get harassed even more than he has been during the Mueller Witchhunt.

When the Democrats won The House they talked about being bipartisan but the recent news will tell you that was a lie. It looks like they are after Trump and serving the people is not even a close second.

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