Trump Owns Schumer And Pelosi In White House Border Security Meet [Video]

Border security is an ongoing issue that seems to be halted by the Democrats.  The Democrats have complained numerous times that they will not vote for a Trump wall.   These Democrats are likely the same that want open borders and don’t realize that they threaten American lives by failing to secure our borders. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with Donald Trump to discuss border security. They quickly learned that Trump was not going to back down as he is looking to fix the problem not Band-Aid it.

During the meeting, Pelosi tried to shelve the border security topic as she wanted to discuss with Trump in private. But Trump was no longer interested in a closed-door meeting as nothing was getting done. He decided to let the public see what he was up against.

Pelosi kept on stressing that Trump should try to pass legislation through the house. But Trump felt that there was no point in doing so until he had the votes in the Senate which Schumer is unwilling to help with.

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Trump then went on to discuss with Schumer the issue of trying get things passed through the Senate. The president explained that 10 Democrats in the Senate were halting progress and we’re not up to the task of helping to defend our country.

TRUMP: “We need border security. People are pouring into our country including terrorists. We have terrorists — we caught 10 terrorists over the last very short period of time. Ten. These are very serious people. Our border agents, all of our law enforcement has been incredible, what they have done, but we caught 10 terrorists. These are people that were looking to do harm. We need the wall. We need — more important than anything, we need border security of which the wall is just a piece. It’s important. Chuck, did you want to say something?”

SCHUMER: “Yes. Here’s what I want to say. We have a lot of disagreements here. ‘The Washington Post’ today gave you a whole lot of Pinocchios because they say you constantly misstate how much of the wall is built and how much is there, but that’s not the point. We have a disagreement about the wall, whether it’s effective or not —“

TRUMP: “’The Washington Post’ —“ Trump said smiling at Schumer’s use of the Liberal rag.

SCHUMER: “— not on border security, but on the wall. We do not want to shut down the government. You were called 20 times to shut down the government. You said, ‘I want to shut down the government.’ We don’t. We want to come to an agreement. If we can’t come to an agreement, we have solutions that will pass the House and Senate right now and will not shut down the government. That’s what we are urging you to do. Not threaten to shut down the government.”

TRUMP: “If you don’t want to shut down the government…The last time you shut it down you got killed.”

SCHUMER: “Let me just finish. Because you can’t get your way — let me say something, Mr. President. You just say, ‘My way or we shut down the government.’ We have a proposal that Democrats and Republicans will support to do a C.R. that will not shut down the government. We urge you to take it.”

TRUMP: “If it’s not good border security, I will not take it.”

SCHUMER: “It’s very good border security.”

TRUMP: “If it’s not good border security, I will not take it.”

SCHUMER: “ It’s what —“

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Trump then took the helm and explained he would do what is necessary to fix our border security even if that meant shutting down the government. He didnt care if it was his fault that the government was shut down. Trump knows that the Democrats will eventually cave.

Pelosi and Schumer, we’re not ready for that discussion. Trump handled them, he made it clear that he was going to help the American people.  He was not going to allow the Democrats to continue to keep Americans, that live along the border, in danger

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