Trump Reminds Senate Republicans What Is at Stake with the National Emergency

It looks like Senate Republicans are going to be voting against Trump when it comes to his declaration of an emergency at the border. It seems like Trump is once again going it alone in an effort to fix the border.

President Donald Trump marveled that any Senate Republican could vote against his decision to declare a National Emergency on the Southern border in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News in the Oval Office on Monday. But Trump vowed again that he would veto the measure regardless of whether it passes the Senate.

Trump suggested that Democrats in the Senate and the handful of Republicans planning to vote to block the national emergency declaration are on the losing side of the immigration issue in the eyes of the public. He argued that, generally speaking, immigration is an 80/20 issue, meaning that 80 percent–or the vast majority of Americans–want the border secured, whereas just 20 percent support continued mass illegal immigration.

“We have a vote coming up on this whole national emergency thing it’s an 80/20 issue in our favor, it’s border security, a wall, no crime versus open borders and nothing but crime,” Trump said. “Forty-seven Democrats will probably vote for the 20 percent issue, and with the Republicans, we have some that don’t vote for it. It’s hard to believe actually.”

President Donald Trump says he is telling Republican senators to vote how they “feel good” on a resolution opposing his national emergency declaration for border wall funding.

But Trump adds that “anybody going against border security, drug trafficking, human trafficking, that’s a bad vote.”

I understand that some of the GOP Senators are concerned about the precedent that Trump is setting. But this is ridiculous. Trump should have the support of the government when it comes to the crisis at the border. I get that Dems want to stick it to Trump. But Republicans should at least see the need and back our president. Did they forget that they are supposed to be serving the American people?

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