Trump Reveals Backup Plan If Congress Won’t Fund The Wall

He also wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of a government shutdown if Democrats continue to confound his efforts to appropriate money for the project on the U.S.-Mexico¬†border, The Daily Mail reported.

‘We have two options,’ he told aboard Air Force One as he flew from Billings, Montana to Fargo, North Dakota. ‘We have military, we have homeland security.’

He was asked specifically about using the Army Corps of Engineers as a taxpayer-funded construction crew.

Trump said he would rather fund the wall ‘the old-fashioned’ way but thus far it looks like Congress intends to snub Trump’s request for $25 billion towards the construction. Supporters are pulling together to urge Congress to get on board. You can too by signing¬†Trump’s petition, ‘‘Build-The-Wall’, on the GOP site.

One writer from Town Hall suggested that American’s become more involved in the construction in the event that Congress lets us all down. Mainly by buying up land along the border and starting voluntary funded campaigns to help finance the creation.

I seriously like this idea but I’m not so sure that would be enough and as the writer pointed out:

“With millions of Americans vocalizing their care for refugees, many groups and religious charities will be motivated to buy portions of private property along the border to provide care centers filled with food, shelter, counseling, and legal services to desperate families.

Leftists can put their skin in the game. Assuming liability insures private border centers would create thorough vetting processes to stop child traffickers or gangs that intend to commit violence inside America. Compassionate people raging about the ill-treatment of migrants will have an opportunity to care for them.

We can welcome migrants to work after they pass health and criminal background screens by private groups with financial liability for any violent acts committed after entry. This will incentivize hosts to foster accountability networks.”

So, more resistance…

The White House appears headed for another confrontation with Congress over an increase in funding for the project after securing $1.6 billion for 2007 and the same amount for this year.

Thankfully, Trump is always one step ahead of Congress! His plan to enlist the help from the Military, so far, seems like the best backup plan to a full-on government shutdown.

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