Trump Slams John Kerry For Undermining U.S. Diplomacy In Iran [Video]

Does Former Obama lackey, John Kerry’s, meddling in the Iran deal affect possible outcomes? While Kerry admits of the talks he denies any wrongdoing. With the deadline for Trump to come to a decision on what to do about Iran, Kerry maintains that he had America’s best interest in mind.

President Trump doesn’t believe him and why should he? The Iran deal costs Americans an unprecedented amount of money for agreements not likely honored.  All under the Obama administrations rule- with Kerry in the mix.

Trump fired out his disapproval of Kerry and his looming shadow over the Iran deal:

“The United States does not need John Kerry’s possibly illegal Shadow Diplomacy on the very badly negotiated Iran Deal,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

As Reported By  Dave Boyer and S.A. Miller With The Washington Times:

President Trump berated former Secretary of State John F. Kerry for engaging in “possibly illegal” negotiations with Iranian officials as he revealed plans to announce Tuesday afternoon whether he is pulling out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, a highly anticipated move he has been threatening since his campaign.

European allies on Monday raised the pressure on Mr. Trump to keep the agreement they helped negotiate with Mr. Kerry and other members of the Obama administration, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hinted that Iran could remain in the 2015 nuclear deal even if Mr. Trump reimposes economic sanctions that were a key part of the deal.

Speaking live on state TV, Mr. Rouhani said “getting rid of America’s mischievous presence will be fine for Iran” — if other signatories remain committed to the pact. Germany, France, Britain, Russia, and China signed the 2015 deal, and all say they still support it for its curbs on Tehran’s nuclear programs.

Mr. Trump faced a Saturday deadline from Congress on whether to extend U.S. sanctions relief for Tehran. In January, he said he was approving an extension as a last chance for Europe and the U.S. to fix the “terrible flaws” in the nuclear deal.

The White House wants signatories Germany, Britain and France to agree to permanent restrictions on Iran’s uranium enrichment, as well as to address Iran’s ballistic missile programs and destabilizing policies in the region not included in the nuclear pact. Under the current deal, those restrictions are set to expire in 2025.

“I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2:00 pm,” the president tweeted Monday.

The president is widely expected to announce an immediate or conditional U.S. withdrawal from a deal he has long excoriated.

In an indication of the intense behind-the-scenes international discussions playing out, Mr. Kerry, President Obama’s secretary of state, admitted through a spokesman Monday that he has been talking to foreign leaders about rescuing the agreement.

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