Trump Turns LGBTQ On It’s Head! Considers Taking On Gender Debate!

The LGBTQ+ community must be beside themselves with the latest announcement that the Trump administration is considering narrowing the legal definitions of gender. It looks like referring to one’s birth gender instead of their ‘preferred’ gender could be in the works also.

According to Conservative Tribune, even Newsweek recently admitted that President Barack Obama and his administration “worked to loosen the definition of gender,” and adopted an anything-goes approach that encouraged people to self-identify as whatever sex they wanted.

“A series of decisions by the Obama administration loosened the legal concept of gender in federal programs, including in education and healthcare, recognizing gender largely as an individual’s choice and not determined by the sex assigned at birth,” explained The New York Times.

The result? Gender debates became almost comical, with impossible-to-remember abbreviations like “LGBTTTIQ+” and nonsensical gender options such as “pansexual genderfluid nonbinary” being pushed as the new normal.

But the Trump administration may be pushing back.

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed in a memo obtained by the news outlet that government agencies adopt a definition of gender that is determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.”

The change would base sex on the genitals a person is born with.

“The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence,” the memo states, according to the Times.

The change in policy would roll back protections for members of the trans community, affecting roughly 1.4 million Americans, the Times reported.

LGBTQ advocacy groups are expected to oppose any formal proposal.

If these changes do go into effect you have to wonder if those who lost their jobs for using the wrong pronouns will be rehired? That could be a bit too hopeful but at least it could help ease tension and confusion in the future.


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