Trump Warns He’ll Close Border To Protect Americans

The Border is still being overrun with migrants. Trump is doing his best to fix the Security issues at the border but as we all know it has been an uphill battle with the Dems.

During an interview, Trump commented that he may close the border.

“We have right now two big caravans coming up from Guatemala, massive caravans, walking right through Mexico,” the president said. “So Mexico is tough, they can stop them. And if they don’t stop them, we’re closing the border.”

“We’ll keep it closed for a long time, I’m not playing games.”

“Mexico has to stop it,” he said. “They have people coming right through Mexico. It is a long, very dangerous journey. Mexico sends buses, they send trucks, they started at one point, a little bit stopping. They don’t do anything to stop it right now.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Trump went on to Twitter to further express his border concerns.

The DEMOCRATS have given us the weakest immigration laws anywhere in the World. Mexico has the strongest, & they make more than $100 Billion a year on the U.S. Therefore, CONGRESS MUST CHANGE OUR WEAK IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW, & Mexico must stop illegals from entering the U.S….”

“….through their country and our Southern Border. Mexico has for many years made a fortune off of the U.S., far greater than Border Costs. If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING…..”

“….the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week. This would be so easy for Mexico to do, but they just take our money and “talk.” Besides, we lose so much money with them, especially when you add in drug trafficking etc.), that the Border closing would be a good thing!”

Trump wants to fix our weak immigration laws. We will have to see if the Dems fight him on that too. Since it seems they are more concerned about migrant rights than Americans.

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