Trump’s Diplomacy With North Korea Brings Military Families Peace

Democrats and the MSM would have you believe that Trump has accomplished nothing during his presidency. Their smear campaign harms America and makes the truth harder to find. They muddy the water with their twists and manipulations of facts.

Trump accomplished a great thing that should be praised, he has brought peace to the many families of lost Veterans.

Retired Army Green Beret Charles McDaniel Jr.,71, recalls the last memory he has of his father. He was young only 3 years-old.

I can recall … him coming home from work in Japan, and me running out to him, and him picking me up and holding me, carrying me,” he said. “That’s the only genuine memory that I can clearly go back to.”

McDaniel’s father had been a Medic in the Army, he had attained the rank of Master Sgt before he went missing in 1950.

The diplomatic deal with the North Koreans brought 55 boxes of remains back to their families, bringing closure and a sign of peace.

McDaniel claims he never thought that his father’s remains would be brought back as there were 5300 missing. But he surprised himself as the news filled him with emotion.

They said, ‘We found one dog — and it’s your father’s,’” he said. “I sat there, and I cried for a while and took a while to compose myself.”

McDaniel and his brother received their father’s dog tag together.

The brothers say they do not want to make it “political,” but say they are thankful to Trump.

“I appreciate that he got it done, you know? I mean, nobody else had in 68 years, so I’m appreciative of that,” said McDaniel Jr. “There are still a lot of folks that are waiting and wondering, and we got a little bit of certitude.”

This is the kind of thing that needs to be broadcasted.

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