Tucker Carlson Schools Lawyer Who Is Suing Trump On Behalf Of The Caravan [Video]

A Caravan of Thousands of people is heading to our Southern border. The Democrats would have you believe we should welcome them with open arms regardless of the consequences. But they can’t guarantee that this group of people does not contain members of MS-13. But that hasn’t stopped one lawyer from filing a ridiculous lawsuit against The President of the United States.

Lawyer Mike Donovan has filed a lawsuit against the president claiming that Trump is violating the 5th amendment rights of the migrants in the caravan. Tucker Carlson invited him on his show Friday to see if this lawyer was on the level.

Carlson started by asking Donovan how the migrant’s constitutional rights, rights from a country they are not part of, were being violated. Donovan claimed it was a violation of the 5th amendment and their right of due process. Tucker argued that they are not even in the US how can they be afforded the rights of our country without being citizens or being in our country? Donovan claimed they are being denied asylum.

“They are claiming rights under the asylum provisions of our statutes that affords them due process rights under that law. We have due process under the law. This is a law that is specifically directed to them so of course, they have due process rights,” Donovan claimed.

“Let me just correct you as a non-lawyer. They do not possess those rights if they are in another country and not U.S. citizens. If they possess those rights, then, I don’t know, the entire country of Nigeria — pick a country that is poorer than the United States and say ‘we want to come there,’ president says you can’t come and all of a sudden eight hundred million people sue you for violating their constitutional rights for a country they’ve never been to?” Carlson Asked.

“With all due respect, Tucker, that’s not what we are talking about. We’re talking about individual migrants who are coming together who are on their way to the border to exercise their rights under U.S. law under due process,” Donovan said as if Carlson was making a ludicrous comparison.

“Hold on. Because it’s a few? What’s the principal if you are a foreigner residing in a foreign country — I don’t know if they are en route or not,” Carlson reclarified.

“If the entire nation of Nigeria were en route to the United States, perhaps it would be apples to apples. But that’s what you said. It’s not correct. These are individuals coming to this country to seek asylum.” Donovan said.

“First of all, you don’t know that. We don’t know what their intent is. Actually, you don’t. They are hundreds of miles away, and asylum claims have to be made on U.S. soil,” Carlson explained. “Either at an embassy, consulate, or at our border. That’s a law, as someone who purportedly defends the law, you know that, I know. You can’t actually claim that you are covered by the U.S.Constitutionn. You are not on U.S. soil and you are not a U.S. citizen.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Donovan went on to say that there is already precedent for his lawsuit. But Tucker’s point is valid, they are opening a door that could allow mass illegal migration to the US. There are numerous countries that have dictators with their people in danger. This lawyer is just trying to make a name for himself, he is not thinking of the consequences of his actions. He is circumventing the law. Everyone needs to go through the appropriate channels to get citizenship. Who is going to pay for the thousands of people suddenly seeking asylum? I don’t think it will be the South American countries that they originate from.

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