Twitter Silences James Woods For Speaking Out Against Dems Slander

Social Media has shown that they are no friend of conservatives. Facebook did a large purge after the Kavanaugh Case supposedly in response to Russian meddling. But all they did is silence conservatives.

Twitter is rumored to have done the same to Scott Adams and other conservatives who claim they have been shadow banned. But unlike a Shadowban, where you can’t tell that no one sees your content, James Woods account has been suspended for speaking out against Dems.

The Dems were relentless with their constant speculations and conspiracy about Trump’s involvement with the Russians. They were constantly claiming he was compromised or colluding. Many Dems would claim that The Mueller Report was going to prove them right. But when A.G. Barr released the summary and later the redacted version of the report, Dems didn’t apologize, in fact, many doubled down despite the evidence.

James Woods saw the results of the Mueller Report and tweeted a quote from “The Wire.” “If you try to kill the king you better not miss. #hangthemall.”

Twitter took this literally, they claimed he was engaging in abusive behavior. As if Woods was directing everyone to kill Dems. But were the Dems literally trying to kill Trump? No, they just want him out office. But for whatever reason Twitter failed to understand that Woods simply meant that all of these slandering Dems need to be taken down a peg. They need to admit they were wrong and the should be ashamed.

But Woods is not alone Twitter has a history of banning people for speaking out against liberals.

Twitter’s bias against conservative or contrarian speech has been well-documented. For example, CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety, Vijaya Gadde, were pressed on their ideologically driven speech policies pertaining to transgenderism during a March appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Radical feminist Meghan Murphy was notably banned from the platform for refusing to use female pronouns when arguing with a transgender woman, who is biologically male. Moreover, Twitter briefly suspended the official Twitter account for the pro-life “Unplanned” movie without cause last month. The account was restored only after fierce backlash.”

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