Undocumented Migrants Lose One Of Their Sanctuaries

The Trump Administration is taking away a favored spot for many Illegals trying to hide from ICE. They are doing so by fining churches that are knowingly harboring the illegals. The fines are big enough that the churches will be forced to give up the criminals.

An indigenous woman from Guatemala, has spent 10 months staving off a deportation order to a country that she says has scarred her life with violence, trauma and discrimination. Her fight for asylum could now cost her at least $214,132.

Chavalan-Sut is among a number of immigrants taking sanctuary at houses of worship who have received letters from immigration authorities threatening them with huge fines under the latest move by the Trump administration. It’s unclear how many immigrants have been targeted, but Church World Service, an organization that supports refugees and immigrants, is aware of at least six who’ve received letters.

“Where am I going to get (money) from? I don’t know,” said Chavalan-Sut, who worked for a while at a restaurant after arriving in Virginia more than two years ago but hasn’t been able to hold a job since seeking sanctuary. “God still has me with my hands to work, and they’re the only thing I have. If God thinks that with my hands I can pay that, give me a job.

Chavalan-Sut began living at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church on Sept. 30, the day she was told to report to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office for deportation. She crossed the border into the U.S. and was detained in November 2016 near Laredo, Texas, after a weekslong journey that started in Guatemala’s capital. She said her decision to emigrate and leave her four children behind came after her house was set ablaze.”

It is too bad that this lady lost her home, but she still needs to either apply for asylum or citizenship. She has to follow the laws of our land. Congress or the Senate can change it whenever they want to, but until then migrants need to properly apply for citizenship. They should expect to be deported as they know they are here illegally.

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