University White Privilege Workshop Fails To Bring In Even 1% Of Students.

The University Of North Carolina has about 30,000 students and it appears only 9 felt compelled to show up to their White Privilege Workshop… I guess they didn’t feel like taking on all of the white guilt? But actually it’s worse as not all of those 9 were there to partake in the workshop.

Only nine students showed up to take part in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s workshop series focused on teaching students about white privilege and related topics.

The total number of students in the audience for the first “White Consciousness Conversation,” held Sept. 10, was nine — but two were students there not as participants but as journalists mainly to observe. One was from The College Fix and another from the Niner Times campus newspaper.

Of the remaining seven students, five are members of the university’s conservative Young Americans for Freedom chapter, who were there more out of curiosity and concern about the nature of the seminar and its taxpayer-funded narrative as opposed to learning about how they allegedly perpetuate racism and inequality as Americans with white skin.

Finally, the other two students attended because their professors offered them extra credit to do so, they told The Fix.

With that, it appears the relatively new “White Consciousness Conversations” at UNC Charlotte, which boasts a student population of nearly 30,000, drew .02 percent of its student population.

According to the university’s website, the conversations aim to help students understand “the meaning and implications of whiteness” and how “engaging in anti-racist practice is crucial in creating racial equity.”

At the end of the workshop, at least two conservative students said the information presented seemed focused on blaming white people and whiteness for racism.”

“...I was told that my definition better described as racial discrimination and that racism … can only flow from ‘whiteness’ and its inherent power. This definition made me feel as if I was in the wrong for simply being myself and accepting the body I was born with.”

So two of the nine showed up but only because they could get extra credit. Sounds like the student body is not interested and they shouldn’t be. In America, anyone can attain the goal they seek, regardless of race or gender.