Venezuela Columnist SCHOOLS Crackpot Jim Carrey On What Socialism REALLY Does!

Jim Carrey went on to Bill Mahr and claimed that Americans need to say yes to Socialism. He claimed that politicians are twisting the truth when it comes to Socialism.

“We have to say yes to Socialism to the word and everything.”

“I grew up in Canada ok? We have socialized medicine and I’m here to tell you that this bullsh** line you get on all of the political shows from people is that it is a failure. The system is a failure in Canada. It is not a failure. I never waited for anything in my life, I chose my own doctors, my mother never paid for a prescription. It was fantastic. I just got back from Vancouver and I keep hearing this “Canadians are so nice.” “Canadians are so nice.” They can be nice because they have healthcare. Because they have a government that cares about them, that doesn’t say sink or f**kin swim pal or you live in a box.”

Watch Carrey And Mahr Below.

Carrey was a hit with the Mahr audience as he bashed Trump and pushed for Socialism. But had an unexpected response from a Venezuelan Columnist who felt the need to correct the actor.

In Venezuela, dear Jim, – from what I have just told you –  there is no equitable distribution of wealth,  this has been concentrated, as rarely in our history in very few hands.

The weakest in Venezuela are in the good of God, fleeing the country as they can, without health, without medication and without food,  tragedy that is compounded by the denial of a regime that claims that the population had never been so good  and that even the Colombian government should be charged for the welfare enjoyed by its citizens here. That is. In Venezuela, dear Jim, the children are not going to school, either because they have to find ways to survive and help their families or because they do not have the strength to go to school because of lack of food.

In Venezuela, Jim, we have seized the word socialism, it represents oppression against a people, the destruction of a flourishing nation and the desperation of its citizens.”

So what was that again Carrey, you wanted to bring oppression and destruction to the U.S.?

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